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We firmly stand against systemic racism in every form it takes.

The times and moments in which we are now living demand something from each of us. With each protest and march, there is a chance to impact the world for good.


The times create the opportunity. As each of us can see, the moments in which we are living have impacted sports in general— and basketball specifically.


Players, parents, colleges and teams face uncertainty. This forges a vacuum that cries out to be filled. Pilot Sports Group, a values-driven organization, is positioned to fill such a vacuum.


So, what do we offer?

  • Competent, ethical and diligent representation

  • Consistent communication and follow-through

  • A support system where you are never alone on the journey


The basketball adventure is exciting and sometimes unpredictable. And often, the experience may be complicated for those who don’t understand how to navigate this journey.


But the beauty of basketball is knowing where you are going.


We promise to be a guiding light for you.


We promise to never stop driving you forward to fulfill your bright promise.


We promise to never stop leading the way.


We know you can play. That’s your job.


Our job is to take care of the rest.

  1. Virtuously grow, promote and develop the game of basketball.

  2. Support and guide basketball players and their families.

  3. Aggressively and faithfully work on behalf of players to assess their skills and talents, and find opportunities for success.

  4. Collaborate with every member of our basketball family to understand that achieving basketball dreams requires clear, competent, unfiltered advice and counsel.

  5. Be a force for good in your local basketball community by recognizing the inherent power of the game to change the trajectory of lives.

  6. Understand that basketball is a global game— and as part of the global community we are responsible for respecting the game through honest, virtuous actions and choices.

  7. Encourage each player to embrace a responsibility to leave each basketball environment better than how he or she found it.




Meet The Team That Will Take You There

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